The Taste of Tasmania

Hobart is a harbour city.  Our association with the water is intrinsic to who we are and how we live.  Our waterfront area has long been where we gather to play, relax and wine and dine.

This tradition was set in 1988, when the first Taste of Tasmania festival was held, to ensure the crews finishing the Sydney to Hobart yacht race had a reason to stay and celebrate their arrival in Hobart.

Originally, held over just two days and featuring 22 stalls, the fascination with Tasmanian produce, served in a unique location on the waterfront, entrenched The Taste of Tasmania as the state’s pre-eminent summer event.

Fast- forward 30 years and The Taste of Tasmania festival is the largest and most significant food and wine festival in the state of Tasmania. (It's also the largest festival of its kind in Australia). Owned, managed and delivered by the City of Hobart.