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Native Bush Tucker

Talent: Nita Education | Venue: Main Stage Forecourt  | Price: $50

Australia is home to the oldest living culture on earth and this year the Taste of Tasmania is proud to present the fundamentals of local bush food from Tasmania’s traditional Palawa people. Palawa culture is distinct from mainland Aboriginal culture and this intimate session provides a unique insight into a culture that has lived and thrived on the island for more than 40,000 years.

Tasmanian Aboriginals were cut off from mainland Australia in around 6000 BC by rising sea levels and then lived in complete isolation until British contact almost 8000 years later.

With sophisticated and detailed knowledge of the environment, Tasmania’s first people knew how to utilise the natural resources available to them. In Tasmania, with such diverse landscapes and expansive coastline, this resulted in an extremely rich and varied diet, higher in protein and vitamin C than on the mainland of Australia.

An important year round food source was the native pigface. The fruits of the pigface are edible, with a salty strawberry flavour. This plant is still widely used by Tasmanian Aboriginal people today for its medicinal properties, providing relief from stings, bites, wounds, and food just as it has been for more than 2000 generations.  Learn more about the fundamentals of bush tucker, cook bush bread over an open fire, dine on abalone and possum back strap and taste pigface chutney.

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