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The Perfect Scoop — Matthew Evans (Fat Pig Farm)

Talent: Matthew Evans (Fat Pig Farm) | Venue: SMEG Culinary Kitchen | Price: $100

This is a hands–on workshop that includes ice cream! 

It’s a little known secret that Matthew Evans is a dab hand at the ice-cream churn. Given the luscious fruits available this time of year, it’s the perfect season to join Matthew as he shows you how to make fruity fancy ices.

Ever wanted to know how to turn milk into a sublime ice-cream? Wondering why the stuff you buy is full of chemicals and skim milk powder, with barely a drop of cream in sight? In the perfect season for ices, this hands-on workshop is where you’ll learn the art of making the most sublime ice-cream, sorbet, granita, and sherbet. Using common ingredients and simple techniques that don’t always rely on an ice-cream machine, Matthew will show you how to keep the freezer stocked with great tasting summer treats. He’ll define what exactly is a sorbet, a granita, and a sherbet, with a nod to gelato, too.  This is a hands on workshop that includes a lot of ice cream

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