The Taste of Tasmania 2019/20

This year, we welcome the return of:

Brooke Webb–Festival Director
Megan Quill–Festival Food Curator
Thea Webb–Stallholder Coordinator
Josh Noble–Production Manager
Emily Hill–Office Administrator
Matt Fraser–Publicist, Original Spin

And some fantastic additions to our team:

Louisa Gordon–Festival Executive Producer
Leah Galvin–State Manager of Eat Well Tasmania joins the festival food curation team
Rory Cadman–Production Coordinator
Janine Collins–Sponsorship Consultant, J9 Consulting
Amy Owen–Marketing Consultant, Original Spin
Sam Cole–Music and Entertainment Programmer
Andrew Harbinson–Music and Entertainment Programmer, NYE

We also say farewell and thank you to Kat Traill, who was involved in producing the Taste festival for the past 5 years.

What to expect this year

We are focused on maximising premium features of each space of the Festival to enhance vibrancy and atmosphere across the entire site.

Key themes for this year’s festival are:

  • Pride of place;

  • The strength and identity of local, seasonal Tasmanian produce;

  • Sustainability;

  • The generosity of spirit within Tasmania and showcasing this hospitality. It’s at the heart of this festival

We want to see Stallholders highlighting Tasmanian produce in their menu, with menu items built around Tasmanian ingredients, rather than including a Tasmanian ingredient to ‘fit the criteria’.  More details are included in the Stallholder Information Pack- click here to download.

Parliament Lawns
We will not be using the Parliament Lawns as part of the Festival footprint, and will instead be including new and emerging stallholders in the main festival site.

Stallholder Numbers
Last year, it was fantastic to increase the stall numbers and thus diversity of offerings for our 30th birthday celebration. This year, we will be reducing the number of stalls onsite.

PW1/ The Shed
Will be filled with fresh greenery, and some exciting innovations…

We will have entertainment programmed on stages and throughout the site, and will see the return of two stages on the Castray lawns.

Closing earlier on the last night
We will close at 10pm and call last service at 9.30pm.

Site fee review
After the 2018/19 festival, we conducted a comprehensive review of site fees. We subsidise all sites, but most significant was the subsidy of the Atrium stalls, and to a lesser extent, single stalls on Castray and food vans. For this reason, we have increased these site fees to make our subsidy equitable across all stalls. This year, the focus is on increasing value in each area. For example, Castray single stalls have increased by $54.78, but we will be reducing the number of stalls, increasing the service points and working with stallholders to create a café-style terrace alongside each stall. No other site fees have increased significantly (just rounded off).

Car parks
We will be offering a single car park for each Signed Stallholder agreement.

We understand and appreciate that NYE is a challenging evening and many stallholders experience less than ideal sales. Ahead of the next Taste festival, we are reviewing and revising the NYE business model. What we do know at this point is that NYE will remain a ticketed event. We will be closing down the Castray Esplanade stalls from 3pm on New Year’s Eve. This will offer some respite to stallholders and offer them a much needed break through the festival cycle. It will also intensify the food and beverage offerings onsite. We are reviewing the ticket price and the aim is to make this evening more accessible for the community.

Stallholder registration

Interested in being a Stallholder at this year’s Taste of Tasmania? You will need to:

  1. Read the Stallholder Info Pack which can be found below.

  2. Fill out an expression of interest form (EOI), which can be found below.

The EOI form must be completed by 9am Monday 5 August 2019 to be included in our first round of offers. All EOI’s completed after this time and up until Friday 20 September may be considered in second round offers in late September 2019.

Stallholder FAQ

Do I need to be a Tasmanian Business to apply?
Yes. We are proudly 100% Tasmanian

Do I automatically get offered a stall if I fill out an expression of interest form?
No. All expressions of interest are carefully assessed based on your application and the assessment criteria outlined in the stallholder information pack.

If I am accepted as a Stallholder, do I have to operate for the full 7 days?
Yes. If you a new business that has opened within the last 12 months, there are opportunities in our new and emerging area (only) to do 3 days of trade. More details in the Information Pack.

Do I need to use Tasmanian produce in my menu?
Yes. All Stallholders are required to feature a 100% Tasmanian menu. It is recognised that some ingredients such as rice, coffee etc are an exception to this.

When will I know if I have been accepted as a stallholder?
First round offers will be sent to stallholders late August 2019.

I am not sure if my menu is suitable. How do I find out more information?
The information Pack clearly outlines what we are looking for in your Menu. For more advice, contact Megan Quill, our Festival Food Curator. Megan is available Mondays & Tuesdays only.

Where is the event held?
Princes Wharf No. 1 Shed. Hobart and surrounding areas.

When is it on?
The Taste of Tasmania event is open from 28 December 2019 to 3 January 2020.

Saturday 28 December 2019: 11 am to 11 pm
Sunday 29 December 2019: 11 am to 11 pm
Monday 30 December 2019: 11 am to 11 pm ’greener grass’ is open from 10am
Tuesday 31 December 2019: 11 am to 3 pm. Ticket holders into the ticketed area only from 6 pm to 1 am.
Wednesday 1 January 2020: 11 am to 11 pm 
Thursday 2 January 2020: 11 am to 11 pm
Friday 3 January 2020: 11 am to 10 pm, last service called at 9.30pm.

You will be required to bump in and out on specific days either side of these days, depending on your stall location.

Any questions? Contact us!

Thea Webb, Stallholder Coordinator
6238 2824 or 0447579 310 

Megan Quill, Festival Food Curator
Monday & Tuesday only
0400 135 296