How do I get to The Taste?  
We have a Plan Your Trip page that covers all travel options and parking.  

Is there an entry fee?  
The Taste of Tasmania festival is completely free to enter except for New Year’s Eve from 6pm and the daily reserved seating.   

Ticketing Booth 
The ticketing booth is located near the Morrison Street entrance and is open daily. You can book tickets for New Year’s Eve and daily reserved seating. Tickets can also be purchased online or by visiting Theatre Royal located at 29 Campbell Street, Hobart. You can collect your New Year’s Eve tickets from the 28 December to the 31 December. We recommend collecting tickets to avoid long queues on New Year’s Eve. 

Information Booth 
The information booth is located near the Morrison Street entrance and is open daily. Visit us for general information including stall locations and entertainment program details. The information booth is staffed by professional travel advisors from the Tasmania Travel and Information Centre. They can help you plan your stay in Hobart, provide bookings, advice, maps and guides for all of Hobart and Tasmanian holiday experiences. 

Will it be open if it’s raining?  
Yes, we open rain, hail or shine. We will delay opening or temporarily close in the event of extreme weather. Please see our Facebook pagefor any changes due to weather.  

Tasting plates and affordability  
The Taste of Tasmania is a free event, offering free music and entertainment in a number of unique spaces.  Our Festival Food curator works with our stallholders to develop accessible menus that include a range of price points.  

Is The Taste of Tasmania a cashless event this year?  
No. You can use either cash or your personal EFTPOS debit or credit card to purchase your food and drinks.   

If I choose to use cash, where will I find the nearest ATM?  
There is an ATM located onsite in PW1 Shed and there are several ATM’s at Salamanca Place.  

As it’s a licenced site are children welcome?  
Yes all children are welcome to the festival. Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.   

Festival Glasses  
If you wish to purchase wine you are required to purchase a reusable Taste glass. Feel free to bring along a Taste glass from the past or alternatively souvenir Festival glasses are available to purchase from the gift shop and selected stallholders. 

How much seating is there?  
There will be a large number of table and bench seats available both inside and outside, and a range of casual seating options throughout the site.   If you would rather book seating, reserved seating will be available to book from October 22. 

What is the difference between Riverside Daily Reserved Seating and Waterfront Daily Reserved Seating?
Riverside Daily Reserved Seating is booked by the table ($50 price for 8 seats) and suitable for families and larger groups. Waterfront Daily Reserved Seating is booked by the seat ($25 per seat) and is a more intimate offering. Most seats are booked in pairs.  

The Taste of Tasmania is committed to making the site available to all visitors. To enquire about accessibility, please contact us or speak to the information booth. There are wheelchairs available to hire from the information booth. 

Accessible Parking And Drop-Off Area 
Accessible parking will be available during The Taste of Tasmania in the Murray Street car park (off Morrison street) and will be limited to four hours. Bookings are not required.  A drop-off area will also be available in the same spot for families, older people and people with a disability. Drivers will then need to find a place to park permanently.  

Companion cards are recognised at every ticketed event. 

Lost Children 
The Medical Tent, located near the Morisson Street entrance will act as a ‘lost children meeting’ location.  

Can I bring animals to site?  
No. Only trained assistance animals (such as guide dogs) are welcome at the event.  

First Aid 
The First Aid station is located near the Morrison Street entrance. In addition, there will be first aiders roaming around the event site. 

Is there entertainment at the Taste? 
Yes there will be a range of free entertainment running daily throughout the event, suitable for people of all ages. Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming announcements.    

I have dietary needs. How can I find out what food is available at the festival?  
We have a diverse range of food available to suit your requirements. Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our Food & Beverage Producers and food offerings.    

Is there free drinking water available at the Taste?
Yes drinking water is available from free water stations generously provided by Tas Water. This year, single use plastic bottled water will not be available for purchase so we would encourage you to bring your reusable water bottles. The Taste will also be selling a limited edition reusable water bottle available for sale at the gift shop. 

Smoke Free Event 
The Taste of Tasmania is a 100% smoke-free event. Please refer to the site map or ask our friendly staff for the location of smoking areas. 

Free Sunscreen 
Get your free sunscreen from the Cancer Council who have a stall set up at the front of the Forecourt and will have volunteers roaming the site. 

How can I get more information about The Taste of Tasmania?  
Find out all the details, both before and during the event, by keeping an eye on the website and signing up to our electronic newsletter. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact us at 

We look forward to seeing you there.