Zando Straits Cafe

Zando Straits Cafe offers coffee, cold brew, frappe, iced drinks and coffee cocktails made with two great offerings:

Zando Boutique Roast is a rich Italian coffee designed for the hardened espresso drinker. It’s a full bodied blend rich in quality, complex and intense with distinct floral notes and a citric acidity rounded off with smooth dark cocoa.

International award-winning Strait Brands produced the first wheat-based premium vodkas and gins in Australia. It now has a range of four vodkas – Strait Vodka, Strait Tasmanian Native Pepperberry Vodka, Strait Tasmanian Raspberry Vodka and Strait Tasmanian Lemon Vodka - and four gins - Dry Gin, Tasmanian Sloe Gin, Tasmanian Hazelnut Gin and  Tasmanian Strawberry Gin.

Zando Straits is located on The Lawns.