Captain Bligh's Brewery and Redlands Distillery

This year at The Taste we welcome a collaboration between Captain Bligh's Brewery and Redlands Distillery. 

Captain Bligh's is a small Independent brewery based in Hobart producing a range of colonial ales.  Head brewer, owner and chief bottle washer, Steve Brooks has taken his love of ale and history and combined them to produce small batch specialty ales for Tasmanian drinkers. Colonial ale produced as it was under the Colonial laws of the 1800s. British Empire purity laws of four ingredients - malt, hops, yeast and water - and all produce has to be grown locally. How easy? Great barley, premium hops and water that's the envy of the world right on the doorstep. This is what makes a great ale.

At Redlands Distillery, great things come in small batches. Located in Dysart House, an 1840’s colonial inn in Kempton, Redlands will be serving a selection of cocktails using their Lavender Malt, Apple Liqueur, Barley Vodka and Redlands Distillery Gin, the first time it has been released to the public. Especially for the Taste they are releasing a very special paddock to bottle single malt whisky. This single malt whisky is one of the first single malt whiskies grown, floor malted, kiln dried and distilled all by the one distillery in Australia. 

Captain Bligh’s Brewery and Redlands Distillery are located on The Lawns