Would you like to be a Stallholder?

 Thinking of joining Taste as a Stallholder?

The first round Expression of Interest (EOI) process for all stallholders has now closed. We welcome second round applications from across the State interested in being involved in the Tasmania’s premier food and beverage festival.

The 2018 Taste festival is headed in exciting new directions with inclusive opportunities for businesses of all sizes from small, emerging producers and farmers to large restaurants, distilleries and vineyards and everything in between.

Celebrating 30 years is an EPIC achievement for any festival, but as you know the Taste is a major part of the fiber of Tasmanian culture – so this next festival promises to be the biggest, boldest most magical festival yet.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) is different from a standard application process. So why are we doing it? Building on the success of the festival last year, we have an increased level of interest from Stallholders who want to support the rejuvenation of this festival. That means truly showcasing your craft. Whether that be the Tasmanian produce, provenance, cooking, distilling, or brewing. The Taste of Tasmania is proudly Tasmanian and we want our Stallholders to showcase and celebrate this.

This year we’re asking you to put on your best party dress, bring out your best drinks and dishes and put on a show for the 220,000 + community of local, interstate and international visitors.

The EOI and Information Pack addresses this in more detail, but the team are interested in ‘what are you doing differently this year?’

Recognising that there are a lot of festivals around the State and many of you are regulars at most at them, we want to know what you are offering this year that will be different, bespoke and exclusive to The Taste. We are asking you to be creative, innovative, dynamic and clever.

The Taste festival takes place during the height of Summer. It’s Christmas. It’s decadent. We have 18 hours of sunlight (fingers crossed!); the waterfront is alive with yachts. It’s sunscreen and hats. Everything about summer is sparkling wines, ciders, oysters, ice cream, and fresh food. Tasmania is alive with berries the size of your head - delicious! Take advantage of the local, seasonal produce at this time and incorporate this into your menu offerings.

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the documents below.

Stallholder Information Pack for Expression of Interest Applications

Ensure you have downloaded and read the Stallholder Information Pack(PDF, 1MB)

Below are links which provide information on local compostable packaging providers, items that are crossed out in red are not compostable and not permitted at the Taste

Vegware(PDF, 1MB)

Detpak(PDF, 7MB)  

Bio Pack(PDF, 5MB)

 All first round applications will be processed before second round applications are considered.

Please fill out your Expression of Interest (EOI) to be a Stallholder at this link