Perhaps the husky vocals, clever lyricisms and textured, chaotic beats in Melbourne-based duo ALTA should be at odds with one another. But some glimmer, some magic ingredient means these two instruments - Hannah Lesser’s voice and Julius Dowson’s production - fit together in a perfect juxtaposition, allowing each other to soar. 

Moving from Tasmania to Melbourne, ALTA burst into the underground music scene with their 2012 EP Stay Awhile. 2015’s ‘Awake for Days’ EP catapulted the duo into the overground, garnering fans drawn to their bright beats and sweetly malfunctioning pop. 

Singles ‘Plans’ and ‘Unbelievable’ from their latest EP Sincere – released via new Mushroom label Soothsayer – draws on two different sides of the ALTA persona; playful, contagious alternative pop, and a heady dance floor driving beat. This signature sound has won over a wide audience at home, with the lead single being added to rotation on triple j and garnering thousands of plays on Spotify.